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Discover this Free Series featuring Doctor’s, Nutritionists and Fasting Experts as they reveal the truth about how Fasting affects the body… And The Surprising Solutions That Can Help You Heal!

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Begins 23 April until 30 April, 2018


Join over 25,000 other Fasting Students for this unique annual event!

Our Speakers have featured in…

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Featured speaker:Joe Cross

Joe Cross

Extended Juice Fasting: Juicing Past 30 Days

Featured speaker:Dr Will Cole

Intermittent Fasting & Your Hormones

Featured Speaker:Don Tolman

Ancient Fasting Wisdom

Sam has a passion for sharing stories with the world. This shines through in her ability to ask the right questions and dive deep into the subject and more importantly know when to let the person being interviewed talk and clearly make their point. Sam’s dedication, knowledge and research skills are just but a few of the talents she brings to the interview table.

 Joe Cross: Best Selling Author, Film Maker, Wellness Advocate 

why attend The Fasting Summit?

  • Tired of feeling fatigued, sluggy or foggy? This is for you!
  • Wanting to gain access from those who have personal experiences and actual real world results, not just made up hypothesis…this is for you!
  • If you want to discover the fastest way to flood your body with nutrients, that also is easy and restorative to your digestive system…then you definitely need to attend
  • long-arrow-rightGet actual action steps for you to implement right away so you can start seeing results quickly.
  • long-arrow-rightand so much more

Allow yourself to experience energy and wisdom beyond belief by listening to the most innovative leaders from the thought, mind, body, and behaviour movement. We’ve brought together over 25 of the world’s most influential health coaches, doctors & fasting experts to teach you the 3-steps to Fasting for health and healing…

and the best part is you can watch the entire Fasting Summit 3 for free [for a limited time]

our Fasting experts

Emily Manoogian, PhDTRE & The Circadian Rhythm

Cherie CalbomJuice Fasting for Physical Healing

Dr Peter OsborneIntermittent Fasting for Gut Health & Autoimmunity

Megan RamosHealing Chronic Disease

Dy Ann ParhamIntermittent Fasting for Women

Joe Cross

Joe CrossExtended Juice Fasting: Juicing Past 30 Days

Prof. Valter LongoThe Fasting Mimicking Diet

Dan McDonaldPurifying the Mind & Body for Spiritual Evolution

Dr Will ColeIntermittent Fasting and Hormone Connection

Dr John DemartiniFasting With Purpose

Dr Jason FungFasting for Weight Loss

Don TolmanAncient Fasting Wisdom

Dr Thomas LodiFasting & The Human Mind

Tyler TolmanFast, Faster, Fastest Way To Heal

Dr Daniel PompaIntermittent Fasting Effects


Dr Jay DavidsonHealing Chronic Disease with Fasting

Dr David Jockers

Dr David JockersIntermittent Fasting & The Keto Diet

Jonny the JuicerJuice Fasting for Immunity

Dr Dan Kalish

Dr Daniel KalishIntermittent Fasting as a Spiritual Practise

Dr Gabriel CousensJuicing for Detoxification

Dr Justin MarchegianniIntermittent Fasting Pros & Cons

Dr Michael VanDerscheldenThe Science of Intermittent Fasting

Tegan Steele

Tegan SteeleThe Impact of Fasting

Olivia Budgen

Olivia BudgenJuicing for Health

Dr Joel KahnFasting for Heart Disease + The Ideal Diet

Dr Tony BoutagyFasting and Exercise

Ori HofmeklerThe Warrior Diet

Steve PrussackJuice Up Your Career

Andrea PaigeFasting for Self Mastery

Neil MartinFasting, Juicing and Mindset

Lee HolmesFast Your Way to Wellness 5:2 Diet

Rob StuartFasting For Healthy Skin

Dr Michael RuscioIntermittent Fasting and Gut Health

Chef Justin NorthThe Fasting Chef

Dr Veronique DesaulniersHealing Breast Cancer

Aliky KouroupisHow To Fit Fasting into Your Lifestyle

Dr Robert CassarWater Fasting and Parasites


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Lyme Disease eBook

BONUS GIFT 3:Dr. peter osborneGluten Free Society education series: 7 highly effective habits of a gluten free warrior ($97 Value)

BONUS GIFT 4:Dr. thomas lodijuicing for healing ebook: 27-page e-book and a BONUS video($39 Value)

BONUS GIFT 5:Dr. justin marchegianiThyroid Video Series! “Do you still suffer from thyroid symptoms even though your Doctor thinks your fine?”($97 Value)

BONUS GIFT 6:lee holmesLove your gut powder ebook($19 Value)

BONUS GIFT 7:steve prussack6 Lucrative Ways to Create a Soul-Satisfying Career as a Certified Juice Therapist guide($49 Value)

BONUS GIFT 8:Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, DCBusting Breast Cancer MythsDiscover Basic Truths About Breast Cancer($49 Value)

BONUS GIFT 9:Olivia BudgenWeight Loss Lifestyle Habits pdf.($19 Value)

BONUS GIFT 10:Cherie CalbomWeight Loss Lifestyle Habits pdf.($19 Value)

BONUS GIFT 11:Fasting Summit 3 PlaybookQuick Tips, Speaker Previews and more…($49 Value)


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Meet Your Host

Sam Asser

Sam Asser is Host of The Fasting Summit and face of FastWayToHealth. Dr Pompa describes Sam as “The Best Host” out there today in the health space

Sam has interviewed over 70 leading health and wellness experts like Dr Fuhrman, Joe Cross, Dr Michael Greger, Tyler Tolman, Dr Gabriel Cousens, Melissa Ambrosini, Marc David, Dr Jockers, JP Sears and many more. 

With their online events, they have reached more than 30,000 people worldwide to help create a positive, healthy ripple effect out into the world.

I have been interviewed by hundreds of people on hundreds of podcasts, summits and shows, and I can say without a doubt that Sam is one of the best interviewers, if not the best, I have ever been interviewed by

Dr Daniel Pompa PSc.D: “The Dr’s Doctor”, Cellular Detox Expert


and the best part is it is fREE for a LIMITED time!


Just a small handful of the Testimonials from our events…

“I have tears in my eyes reading this email”…

“BLOWN AWAY by the information and have had great results since”…

“Attended Several Summits and this is already a FAVORITE”…


and the best part is it is fREE for a LIMITED time!


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